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Structural calculations Swoon Architecture is using the newest design technology which can save you money while providing the best quality

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We are very proud to say that our dynamic team of structural engineers won awards for “best structural engineering solutions” 2 years in a row. Structural calculations are extremely important for your building. Our structural engineers will do all the structural calculations for you to safeguard against any issues during the build.  Simply said, a structural engineer will make calculations to ensure that your building doesn’t suffer any adverse effects during the build.  A report from a structural engineer will also contain the calculations needed for materials, structural works, foundations, beams, joists and load-bearing walls. 

From our own experience, a good structural engineer can save you up to 20% of costs. Also, structural calculations are needed for Building Regulations.

You will need a structural engineer for: 

  • Loft Conversions 
  • Extensions 
  • Rebar Calculations and Design 
  • Steel Connections Calculations and Design 
  • Structural Analysis Design
  • Retaining Walls
  • Piling
  • Reinforced Concrete 
  • Steel Structures